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The Homestead Retreat Medi-Spa

In our Medi-Spa department we have blended the best of both worlds.

THALGO_I-Pulse Treatment Visual

At the Homestead Retreat you can experience the truly magnificent relaxation of a Spa, combined with dedicated procedures and more specialised treatments delivered by our highly skilled face and body Medi-Spa Therapists.

Our Medi-Spa treatments can be booked as either a one off treatment or can also be combined into any of our Spa Package offerings for a small additional charge.

Our Medi-Spa Offering Covers

Thalgo Anti-ageing facials
Thalgo skin Expert facial treatments
Acne treatments
Scaring reduction
Non-Surgical face lifting
Body sculpting and slimming treatments



Hyaluronic Smooth and Fill Facial – age 35+  60 minutes
THALGO_Anti-Ageing_Hyaluronic Facial
Cost £60.00 (or £25.00 charge with any Spa Package)

Correct the signs of ageing as they appear, with this smoothing and filling facial designed for age 35+ or for more pronounced wrinkles. After a relaxing welcome massage to immerse you in an aquatic cocoon, a cleansing ritual adapted to you skin type is carried out, followed by intense exfoliation to smooth the skin and allow optimum penetration of the active ingredients. Next, an expert anti-ageing massage lifts the features and helps the skin drink in all the Hyaluronic Acid. Targeted strips infused with Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres are applied to wrinkle areas of concern to plump out lines and reduce the appearance, while a Hyaluronic Mask is applied to the rest of the face to smooth the skin, leaving your complexion glowing.


Silicium Super-Lift Facial – age 45+ 1 hour 15 min

THALGO_Anti-Ageing_Silicium Facial
Cost £62.00 (or £25.50 charge with any Spa Package)

Dare to defy time with this super lift facial, designed to combat all the signs of ageing at 45+ (loss of firmness, pronounced wrinkles). Relax and let yourself be immersed in an aquatic cocoon during the Thalgo cleansing ritual, adapted to your skin type. Next, your skin is intensely exfoliated and smoothed to optimise penetration of the anti-ageing ingredients. An expert anti-ageing massage lifts the features, before a super-lifting mask is applied to fill deeper wrinkles and lift and contour the face and neck.

Thalgo Exceptional Ultimate Time Solutions Ritual –age  50+  1 hour 30 min
THALGO_Ultimate Time Solution Ritual_2
Cost £68.50 (or £29.00 charge with any Spa Package)

This manual facelift using Thalgo’s revolutionary massage technique, Energy Lift, targets and tightens individual face muscles and visibly lifts the entire face, providing the ultimate anti-ageing facial to combat all signs of ageing and hormonal deficiencies. Following a deep cleanse and scrub to prepare the skin, the Ultimate EnergiLift Massage encourages absolute relaxation and maximum toning. This specific modelling massage helps to stretch and ‘work out’ the facial muscles around the eyes, lips, face and décolleté to revive their original tone. The massage is combined with the Ultimate Time Solution Serum and Ultimate Time Solution Massage Cream, which contains powerful active ingredients to reshape facial contours. The Ultimate Time Solutions Mask is then applied infusing the skin with Marine Bio-Cellulose, and a relaxing hand and arm massage is carried out while the mask is left to work. The treatment is completed with an application of Ultimate Time Solutions Cream and Ultimate Time Solutions serum for eyes and lips. Skin is left visibly smoother, brighter, lifted and nourished.


THALGO_MDB Treatment
Thalgo Skin Expert Microdermabrasion
Facial – 1 hour
Cost £65.00 (or £27.00 charge with any Spa Package)
Course of 3 = £180.00
Course of 6 = £330.00

Renew your skin to reveal perfection! Thalgo’s microdermabrasion machine uses the latest technology to intensely smooth the micro-contours of your skin for an even-toned, clear and radiant complexion, with instantly visible results. The SKINLIGHT satellites combine blue and red light for ‘magenta’ light therapy, which is anti-bacterial, anti-septic, soothing and calming. Wrinkles, fine lines and imperfections are visibly smoothed away and the skin’s natural regeneration processes are stimulated.


Meso-Lift Facial – Non Surgical Face Lifting –   45 minutes

Cost £40.00 (or £12.00 charge with any Spa Package)
Course of 3 = £105.00
Course of 6 = £180.00

Lift, tone and tighten with amazing Meso-List Satellite technology in conjunction with the ThalgoSkin Expert machine. Working on the major muscle groups of the face and décolleté and incorporating micro-current with an anti-ageing marine gel, a visible smoothing and lifting result will be visible from the first session. Recommended as a course of 6 sessions for maximum results.

THALGO_Algae Treatment Visual

Thalgo 3 Algae Wrap -1 hour
Cost £50.00 (or £20.00 charge with any Spa Package)

The original marine algae wrap, harnessing all the incredible benefits of seaweed. After a relaxing welcome massage to relieve tensions, the body is exfoliated before Thalgo’s patented seaweed body wrap is applied, infusing its minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients to the body. This treatment activates circulation, increases metabolism, relieves aches and pains and improves skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Excellent for detox and general well-being

Ultimate Exfoliation

Thalgo Marine Prelude –
THALGO_Polynesia_Exotic Island Body Scrub Visual
1 hour
Cost £58.00 (or £24.00 charge with any Spa Package)

For full body exfoliation prior to tanning, or whenever you want super-soft skin, this treatment combines Natural Marine Mud and sea salts, which infuse their benefits via a body wrap before the skin is exfoliated to eliminate dead skin cells, alleviate any roughness and invigorate the entire body by activating micro-circulation. After the mud and salts are removed, a light massage is carried out using a conditioning body cream.


Silhouette High Precision Shaping Treatment -1 hour
Cost £58.00 (or £24.00 charge with any Spa Package)
THALGO_Slimming Visual_Hips


This high performance innovative treatment tackles cellulite and stubborn unwanted curves for amazing results! Featuring a unique Thalgo-exclusive Body Wrap which infuses pure oxygen into the deep skin cells to detoxify the skin and encourage the release and elimination of stored fats. Corrective concentrates packed with active ingredients are applied to target zones to refine and re-sculpt cellulite-prone areas and address lack of firmness. The Perfect Sculpt Massage is then carried out for 25 minutes, using techniques specifically designed to correct problems related to cellulite and deep fat deposits. The treatment finishes with the application of Intensive Correcting Cream or High Performance Firming Cream.

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